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The Unix Shell Part 1 of 2

-Graduate Students

This workshop introduces participants to the Unix Shell. At the conclusion of the lesson participants will understand the basics of the Unix shell and use shell commands to work with directories and files.  

Part 1 covers the following topic(s):

  • What is the shell?

  • Navigating the file system

  • Working with files and directories

There are no prerequisites and no prior experience is required. 

Bring your own laptop. To complete this lesson, you will need a UNIX-like shell environment (see Setup). You will also need to download the file from GitHub to your desktop and extract it there (once you have unzipped/extracted the file, you should end up with a folder called “shell-lesson”). If you’d like help to set up your shell environment or get your lesson files downloaded please contact

Monday, July 27, 2020
10:20AM - 11:10AM
Chissa Rivaldi
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