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Data Carpentry--Project Organization and Management for Genomics

-Faculty -Graduate Students -Postdocs -Staff -Undergraduate Students

Good data organization is the foundation of any research project. It not only sets you up well for an analysis, but it also makes it easier to come back to the project later and share with collaborators, including your most important collaborator - future you.

In this lesson, we’ll be using data from a study of experimental evolution using E. coli. 

This lesson assumes no prior experience with the tools covered in the workshop. However, learners are expected to have some familiarity with biological concepts, including the concept of genomic variation within a population. Participants should plan to participate actively.

David Molik is a PhD student in Computational Biology. David is interested in the factors that affect microbial communities’ diversity over time. David writes new software, as well as uses experimental systems. David also researches computational methods in general ecological data, specifically within Metabarcoding, which is the idea of using a single gene region to parse out which species are in a sample, working out how to associate community structure with the environment, and looking at rare and pathogenic species in large amounts of data.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
5:00PM - 7:00PM
David Molik
CDS | Carpentries Workshops
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