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How to Make a Book

Open to:
-Faculty -Graduate Students -Postdocs -Staff -Undergraduate Students

This hands-on workshop will demonstrate and provide opportunities to bind books using any one of three different techniques: using a machine to do coil binding, using a machine to do adhesive binding, or making a book with a "slot and tab" method and absolutely no tools, only paper.

The first two techniques are useful and functional when you may want to bring together sets of printed documents: articles, Web pages, ebooks, etc.

The "slot and tab" technique is useful for personal notebooks and when you need a book (of just about any size) but in a hurry.

Come to this workshop and learn how printing and making books is a good thing, even in a era of all things digital.

Monday, April 29, 2019
10:30AM - 11:20AM
Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship // Hesburgh Library 2nd Floor // Consultation Room 247
Eric Lease Morgan
CDS | Text Mining & Analysis Workshops

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