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LECTURE - Data Rescue One Year Later: Sustaining a Movement

Following the 2016 election, people both within and outside the United States government were concerned about the continued availability of federal information, especially climate and environmental data. Fearing removal of this information from a suspicious (and sometimes openly hostile) incoming administration, a loose-knit group of librarians, scientists, archivists, technologists, and concerned citizens of many different backgrounds organized more than 40 Data Rescue events that drew hundreds of people across the world to backup and maintain access to this information. One year later, however, we have seen very little data disappear, though that does not mean the work is done or wasn't necessary. In this talk, Justin Schell, one of the organizers for the Ann Arbor Data Rescue event and member of EDGI, will reflect on the last year of preserving access to federal information and discuss the many projects that have arisen both alongside and out of these efforts. In outlining these varied next steps of the Data Rescue movement, Schell will offer ways that attendees can contribute their own time, skills, and expertise to make sure that the public good of public information stays public.

Thursday, February 15, 2018
11:00AM - 12:00PM
Justin Schell
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