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Introduction to Sound Design II: Solo and Group Recording in Audacity

-Faculty -Graduate Students -Postdocs -Staff -Undergraduate Students

In solo and group recording sessions, learn and practice recording high quality audio in Audacity.

A high quality audio project relies on precise recording practices! In this workshop, we’ll learn the basics of recording sound into Audacity using professional level microphones. We’ll practice setting up an appropriate recording environment, recording techniques, and “cleaning up” recorded files. From there, we’ll turn to best practices for group and dialogue recording sessions, and collaborate on a creative recording project!


  • Navigate different types of professional microphones;
  • Set audio inputs and outputs in Audacity;
  • Learn ideal recording environments and practices;
  • Edit recorded files by removing background noise, normalizing decibels, and adjusting echo effects; 
  • Work together in a collaborative recording session; 
  • Design a creative sound project using recorded voice-overs, sound effects, and music;
  • Export project as an .mp3 file.


  • Recommended: some experience with Audacity interface.
  • Participants should bring a laptop and a pair of headphones.
Friday, March 10, 2023
1:30PM - 3:00PM
Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship // Hesburgh Library 2nd Floor // Classroom 246
Sally Hansen
CDS | Multimedia Workshops

Registration is required. There are 7 seats available.

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