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Introduction to Geospatial R

-Faculty -Graduate Students -Postdocs -Staff -Undergraduate Students

Come learn the basics to get started with making maps and visualizing spatial information in R.

Current solutions for creating maps usually involve GIS software such as ArcGIS, QGIS, etc., which allow users to visually prepare a map in the same way one might prepare a poster or other document layout. An alternative approach is to use R, a free and open-source software development environment (IDE) that is used for computing statistical data and graphics in a programmable language. R has developed advanced spatial capabilities over the years, and can be used to draw maps programmatically. 

This workshop will go over some of the basics of spatial data with R, including a brief introduction to GIS, necessary R knowledge preparation (such as tidy data, using the pipe operator, and ggplot), key libraries for geospatial analysis, and common examples of vector and raster data manipulation.


  • Be familiar with general concepts about geospatial analysis.
  • Be able to implement basic spatial analysis and visualization with proper R functions.
  • Be able to find resources to help navigate complicated geospatial questions.
  • Become comfortable working with spatial data in R.


  • This workshop is designed for participants who are unfamiliar with geospatial analysis.
  • Participants are expected to be comfortable working in the R programming language.
Thursday, February 16, 2023
5:15PM - 6:30PM
264 Hesburgh Library (Technology Commons)
CDS | GIS Workshops

Registration is required. There are 4 in-person seats available. There are 5 online seats available.

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